Monday, 3 March 2014

Lavinia loves designing

Designing my own collections has always been something that I've enjoyed as I can make something completely unique that has never been done before. One of my favourite things at university was that my course was both designing and making garments so we got the skills from both sides of the manufacturing process. I really believe that this makes me a better designer as I know what's possible to be created in certain materials and how this will work.
The 1950's is by far my favourite fashion decade of the 20th century as the dresses for women were so feminine with  big, voluminous skirts with petticoats to hold them out or figure hugging wiggle dresses that clung to every curve. It seems to me that women in the 1950's were celebrated for their curves and feminine figures whereas now it is often the case where incredibly slim, model looks are the sought after look for women. I personally prefer to have a curvy figure over a boyish one and want to bring back the celebration of feminine bodies through my collections. It's early days yet but here's a sneak peak of a few dresses I've been working on. 

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