Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kimono making

Spending today making beautiful kimono jackets out of chiffon. I was always told at Uni never to use chiffon "or there'll be tears before bedtime" and it's not till you start using it that you see why your tutor gave you this advice! But once you get used to working with the lightness of the fabric you can really make some wonderful things! This particular print I came across by chance, going into a shop to buy sewing essentials for a project I was working on and saw it nestled among a load of other fabrics calling out to be made into something beautiful. If you're a sewer this will be something you can relate to, if not you probably think I'm crazy! 
I really love these jackets as they are really versatile and can be worn with many different things and can really finish off an outfit. They are made in one size and will soon be available to purchase on my website so watch this space! 

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